cylon defense manual project

For my final project in Technical Writing, my class and I watched the first season of the new Battlestar Galactica series. We were instructed to create our own manuals for the purposes of citizens and mid-ranked soldiers on the field.
The significance of this project was its forms of technical writing, such as instructions, illustrations, maps, descriptions, warnings, etc. I would say this is one of the most valuable projects I've ever worked on and it was a great success.
Here are some of the questions that needed to be answered in how we communicated this information:
  • what is your manual's scope?
  • what content does your manual absolutely need?
  • what content would it be good to include, but isn't absolutely essential?
  • what content should be presented as imperative commands vs. independent choices?
  • what images might serve your purpose vs. just adding bulk?
  • what would be a natural end point for your manual?
  • how can you unify your design and style to serve your rhetorical purposes and audiences?
  • how can you visually balance text, white space, and images to your advantage?

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praise for the manual:

"I feel like in an emergency, I could really rely on this to get me out of whatever.. alien world that is." - my ex

"This is actually really good."- my roommate

- my professor:
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example pages

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