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July 2, 2023: created a youtube video about toontown: corporate clash for my channel! video has some cursing and is not recommended for children or anyone who doesn't enjoy it used as entertainment

July 11, 2023: added more links to
the writing page, at the bottom. i kind of want to turn links out into their own page but i have also been thinking about an entire overhaul so i can write the code myself but also i know it will take me like 5 hours WAHHHH

July 1, 2023: now tell me why i didnt notice that the fun page didnt have any links onit/i forgor to put the links Smiley face

also i changed some stuff around and am excited to put down more links! i will keep yall in The Know. welcome from twitter if youre migrating! stick around :3

June 27, 2023: FUN PAGE IS LIVE!!! shoutout!!!! :D i will be updating it regularly with more and better art. you can see lots of the art i've uploaded to the page!!

June 26, 2023: i am putting the final touches on some background pages ive been keeping close to my chest. my next idea after that is to make the poetry more obvious without having to jump to google docs lol

June 14, 2023: i got a new job (it's rlly good u guise....) so i've been less active ;; but i have some huge plans for the fun page on this website. and i also updated the song of the week!!!!!!!!!!!

May 16, 2023: revamped the writing page to be less ugly and to completely match the main page, frankly it was a hassle trying to figure out what *i* liked for the page, only to realize maybe don't fix something that doesn't need it. may play around with javascript on the page because it would be more efficient. idk. to be discussed! also created some new videos so check them out :P will be adding more to my page soon!

April 22, 2023: general site editing, and learned some new skills to make a few videos for my channel. i also am on the road to adding more content to individual pages! i want to add a gallery next. there i will post some artwork i've culminated as well as put together a real portfolio page with digital and copy conent.

April 10, 2023: created a button to add to my front page, as well as some general clean-up! next comes more videos, more physical reading content (i'm about five pages into two new works, and polishing off my novellas...). i'll be posting this page to my social medias soon so there will be a lot more traffic. let me know if you want to trade buttons!!!

March 24, 2023: Added a short bit about Pokemon Mystery Dungeon to my Youtube video.

March 7, 2023: Added a new short fiction story revamped from 2017, coyote dreams, on my writing page. Working on simplifying homepage and adding more content from art stuff.

March 4, 2023: Happy New Year! I've been updating here and there but nothing worth noting (ha) until now. I've completely revamped the writing portfolio page, so go give it a peeksee! I added some more works to it as well, let me know what you think through my contact or write in my guestbook :3 More changes planned for site soon kthxbye!.

December 15, 2022: Created a Youtube video about the game I have been playing, Sonic Frontiers.

December 14, 2022: Cleaned up website viewing and added some blurbs to writing tabs. I also added some more fun webpages on the side, though I'm thinking of making it its own site/webpage.

November 27, 2022: More minor site-wide edits, and published my fictional work Fishy Business, my final for a 400-level creative writing course I took in college. I really loved writing this piece, and it won me a spot for Sundress Publications' Writers' Residency in February 2022!

October 28, 2022: Miscellanous edits, and finally added my new serious works page, one of my final projects for a 400 level technical writing class in my senior year of college. I am very proud of it, even through it's aging!

October 28, 2022: Created a guestbook!! for the website as well as cleaned up some pages. Getting a lot of traffic even though there's nothing to look at yet.

October 22, 2022: The website actually has things to look at, and I added the main page. There are also now other pages to explore, such as my personal Youtube and portfolio of work!

October 16. 2022: This website was created! I wanted a place to store my works online as archives as well as to have my own personal place to play.

hello!! My name is brendon and i'm a southern writer with an academic background in psychology, technical writing, and design. i enjoy exploring new corridors, especially if there's something on the other side. consuming lots of my work is good for a balanced breakfast!

social media often condenses who we are for the sake of advertisers and not its users. learning to code is a fun task. this website is not meant to draw profit or create convenience for the sake of going fast. take a break here to explore.

so here we are! this website is most heavily inspired by 2013-2014 neopets pet pages, cruddy reloading from petpage to petpage and all.

Smiley face

345,413,243 missing neopets pet pages remain..